stands w/ wheels
avenger a700 - junior boom stand-silver + a9000 wheel set 15,00 €/day
avenger a110 combo stand w/ lazy leg-silver + a9000 wheel set 12,00 €/day
manfrotto 126bsu heavy duty stand w/ lazy leg-black + 110g wheel set 8,00 €/day
manfrotto 007bu alu-senior stand w/ lazy leg-black + 110 wheel set 7,00 €/day
manfrotto 008bu cine stand w/ lazy leg-black + 109 wheel set 7,00 €/day
avenger a125b low alu-combo stand w/ lazy leg black 6,00 €/day
avenger a450 mighty baby stand w/ lazy leg chrome steel 8,00 €/day
avenger a615b mini kit stand black
manfrotto 158 female adapter
manfrotto 013 adapter spigot
6,00 €/day
manfrotto 004ac master stand - air cushioned black 6,00 €/day
manfrotto 004b master stand - black
5,00 €/day
manfrotto 156blb backlite stand black 5,00 €/day
manfrotto 003b backlite stand black + adapter spigot 3,00 €/day
manfrotto 122b alu pole for backlite stand black 2,00 €/day

avenger a225s 40″ lite-wt steel w/ turtle base 6,00 €/day

avenger d650 junior boom arm w/ counterweight 7kg
manfrotto 019 cine adapter
12,00 €/day
manfrotto 146cs steel high stand extension w/ counterweight 7kg
manfrotto 123 pivoting boom clamp
manfrotto 019 cine adapter
9,00 €/day
manfrotto 146b black alu high stand extension w/ counterweight 7kg
manfrotto 123 pivoting boom clamp
manfrotto 019 cine adapter
8,00 €/day

manfrotto 034b alu extension tube black 150cm 3,00 €/day
manfrotto 033b alu extension tube black 200cm 4,00 €/day

manfrotto d200b 2,5″ grip head black 3,00 €/day
manfrotto d520b 40″ extension arm black 3,00 €/day
avenger d550b fun grip arm black 7,00 €/day
manfrotto 035 super clamp 2,00 €/day
manfrotto 038 double super clamp 3,00 €/day
manfrotto 175 spring clamp, 5/8 f attachment 2,00 €/day
manfrotto 275 mini spring clamp 5/8 f attachment 1,50 €/day
manfrotto 375 multiclip 1,50 €/day
avenger c150 swivelling c-clamp silver
manfrotto 019 cine adapter
3,50 €/day
manfrotto 244n variable friction arm black
avenger c1575b super clamps
7,00 €/day
manfrotto g100 sandbag small w/ lead filling 12kg 5,00 €/day
manfrotto g200 sandbag large w/ lead filling 25kg 7,00 €/day
manfrotto 172 mini counterweight 1,3kg 1,00 €/day
manfrotto 023 l-peso counterweight 4,3kg 2,00 €/day
manfrotto 022 g-peso counterweight 7kg 3,00 €/day

brennenstuhl cablereel 50m black 5,00 €/day
extension cable 7m, 10m, 20m black 2,00 €/day
brennstuhl 3-way extension socket black 2,00 €/day
brennstuhl 4 way powerblock with 5m extension cable 3,00 €/day
brennstuhl 6-way extension socket with overvoltage protection 4,00 €/day
voltcraft dc voltage transformer 12v to 220v 5,00 €/day