the rental prices quoted are customer pickup net prices. all prices in the list are excluding tax and insurance premiums.

labdma will require a maximum rental bond of € 600,-. the customer is obliged to give a copie off his/her valid id/passport or current driver’s license, before the first loan. customers who are already in our rentalsystem, can usually rent the material without a deposit.

the insurance of 5% from the rentamount is committed. the insurance covers the reparation damage with an excess of 350,00 € excluding theft and neglect.

damage that is demonstrable caused by moisture, is not insured.

labdma rental charges covers a peroid of 24 hours. this is also the shortest possible renting time.

the customer is not allowed to give the apparature to third parties. any damages and function failures caused by third parties will be billed to the customer.

labdma will be in all time the owner of the rented equipment. by-leasing, selling or giving it out to third parties is forbidden.

labdma is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from any rental equipment dousetimes.

cancellation (termination of the contract) must be in writing and is subject to the following stipulations.

upon cancellation, the client is liable to any damages to labdma according to the following points:

Cancellation 2 days before the agreed start of rental:     20 % of the total amount
Cancellation 1 day before the agreed start of rental:        50 % of the total amount
Cancellation on the day of the agreed start of rental:    100 % of the total amount

decisive for the cancellation time is the receipt of the cancellation letter at labdma.

if staff of labdma is unable to perform the agreed service due to extraordinary circumstances including without limitation illness, case of death or urgent family affairs or force majeure, labdma is not liable for any resulting damage.

customers will be liable for any damages and function failures who are established by returning. apart from this are damages or malfunctions due to normal wear and tear.

labdma rent service invoices are due upon receipt.
our standard terms and conditions apply to all prices quoted and services offered,